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Italcementi Group celebrates 150th birthday and 10 years of success in Egypt with innovative product portfolio system

Suez Cement launches new product portfolio system “i.nova” to help customers find the right product for the right job quickly and efficiently

Cairo, March 13, 2014. To mark the 150th anniversary of Italcementi Group's establishment, and 10 successful years in Egypt, Suez Cement proudly announces the launch of i.nova, the company's innovative product system.

i.nova is designed to help customers find the perfect Suez Cement product for each and every project through the reorganization of the portfolio around the concept of performance and use.

Portuguese Architect Ines Lobo wins
the arcVision Prize – Women and Architecture 2014

Bergamo, March 7, 2014 – Ines Lobo is the winner of the 2014 arcVision Prize – Women and Architecture, an international architecture award for female designers instituted by the Italcementi Group and now in its second year. The jury unanimously selected Lobo as a versatile architect, recognized for her ability to work at different scales, integrating new buildings within existing urban fabric and creatively attacking complex architectural problems.

Under the auspices of the Minister of Environment
Suez Cement boasts a series of "technology firsts" for Egypt with launch of the new waste-processing plant

Cairo, 16 of February 2014. Suez Cement Group of Companies (SCGC), one of the largest Egyptian cement producers, has been continuously investing towards a better Egypt and a cleaner environment and has made a long-term commitment towards being environmentally responsible.
In this vein, Mr. Bruno Carre’, Suez Cement CEO and H.E. Laila Iskandar, the Minister of State for Environmental Affairs cut the ribbon today for the new waste-processing plant, located inside Kattameya cement plant, that turns pre-sorted waste into fuel.

SCGC celebrates Jenan Azmi, Egypt's winner of the inaugural arcVision Prize Egypt- Women and Architecture

Cairo, 10 of February 2014. Suez Cement Group of Companies (SCGC) is proud to announce that Egyptian architect Jenan Azmi has won the inaugural arcVision Prize Egypt – Women and Architecture Award. This is the first prize of its kind to be presented to female designers from Egypt.

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Our Environment Policy

Suez Cement believes in being environmentally conscious and protecting its surroundings. The Company has continuously invested towards a cleaner Egypt with a long-time commitment towards being environmentally responsible. 
Our proactive approach is focused on prevention and mitigation of any potential environmental impact and preservation of natural resources in the development and management of its production facilities.  


Our Safety Policy

Suez Cement partners with ILO to  launch a multimedia advocacy campaign “Salamtak Bel Donia” to promote a safety culture in the cement industry.



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Operating income
Operating income

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Sustainability Policy




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